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On the way to Wilmington, when you get pulled over for speeding?

Nothing better than a day at the beach and Wilmington is the best (well, ok, Wrightsville). So much to do (but you’re headed to the battleship USS North Carolina right?). The kids’ll love that I bet. But ya gotta get there quick so you can still have some fun frolicking at the beach after. So you hit the gas a little bit more right there near the end of I-40. And then it happens. The cop in the rearview. In technicolor with all the lights. Great. Just what you need to kick off a weekend of sun and fun. You pull right over and he comes marching up with all his cop regalia. License and registration please. He’s nice enough, indeed. He even gives you a pretty good reduction on the speed right there at the roadside. Writes you up for 60 in a 45 (even though you know it was closer to 70). Miraculously he doesn’t even say anything about the light that was just a little tiny bit red.

So you thank him, bitch and moan to the wife unit a little bit (with the window up of course) and get on with your day of merriment at the Battleship. In fact you and the rug rats have SUCH a great time you really forget all about super trooper and the little piece of paper that he gave you. Forget that is until you go the car wash back home and get that salt spray washed off.

Then it happens. UH OH. Where’s the ticket? What happened to it? You utter some choice words ($%^^&*%^%&*(&(*). (You even invent a couple). A thousand things race through your mind. Then you remember that Jr. used it to wipe the icecream mustache off his lip. Oh great! Just what you need! Then comes the flood of bad thoughts: What happens if I missed my court date? Will I get arrested? Can I get a new date? What IS my court date anyway? Well don’t despair surfer dude. The miracle of the internet is about to save your bacon. You can find your court date easy enough. Just go here Click here dude and you’ll be magically transported to the coolest thing you never even knew about. is the baddest deal you can ever use if you’re wondering how to find your court date. Just plug in your name (or even address) and BernieSez combs the last six months of NC court records to help you find your court date. Hell it even provides you with the option to click on a little teeny tiny button and instantly have your case presented to a whole mess of lawyers who are just DYING to help you with your case.

And here’s the best part. IT’S FREE! Yep, zero, gratis! FREE! So don’t panic! Find my court date you say? No sweat, has got your sunburned back! So if your mind is on the waves, sun and sand, remember: is the easy way to find my court date and get lawyers to come take a look at your case. Because hey, sand in your bathing suit is about all the discomfort a day at the beach should bring. Really.

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