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Yes it is closed today.  You should go play in the sno…errr ice.  And don’t worry about your court case today.

I got a bunch of emails today from folks who had court in NC courts but had it cancelled due to the inclement weather. Here’s what I said:

Do not shit bricks or panic in any way. NC State Courts have been OFFICIALLY closed in Wake county (where I practice) and a bunch of others. If you want to know if your county has closed the courthouse, check out WRAL’s website. They maintain a long and constantly-updated list of what schools, businesses, and Gov’t agencies have been closed due to the weather.
As for what happens to you and your court case when the court is closed due to weather, well, in just a few words, don’t worry about it. The court will automatically re-schedule your court date and send you a notice in the mail. You will not be “marked absent” or “called and failed” and there will be no order for your arrest NOTHING LIKE THAT. The court has closed down because the folks in power believe it’s not safe for everyone to try and drive down there. There may be widespread child care issues due to school and work closing etc. Strange as it MAY seem, the court is really on your side this time!


if the address that the court has for you, usually the address the cop has on your ticket etc, is NOT RIGHT, you might not get notice of your new date. In this case, the best thing to do is contact your lawyer and ask him/her OR, if you don’t have a lawyer, you’ll have to check the date yourself. Here’s a link to the AOC site where you can find your case and the new court date. It’s usually going to be set out for another month BUT DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, use the site and check it every damn day if you have to.
So, no called and failed, no order for arrest, no bail bondsman giving you shit. Doesn’t that feel good? Now go try and relax by the fire and enjoy your “day off”!