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The NC Court calendar for all judicial districts in NC can be found by doing a super easy internet search. However, the court data is not always right on top; you may have to poke around a bit to get it. This can be a pain in the A$$ if you are kind of nervous about a missed court date or you got a traffic ticket and you need to figure out what the next step is.


I know this. My clients tell me all the time. When you miss a court date you may be looking around on the internet to find some quick solution; hey you just want to be able to relax a little. Well the internet is a good place to look for court calendars for sure, but as I say, if it’s an NC court calendar you need, you might find that the NC AOC site doesn’t help much if you’re trying to fix a missed court date. The date of your court won’t show after the date is passed and the case has not been continued. Now you could go to the master calendar pages but that may not be what you need either and its hard to find.


I’d say try our site as an alternate way to find your missed court date. There you can look up your case based on your name, city that you live in, street name, or citation number and then, if you want a lawyer, just click one button and all the info is presented to lawyers who will actually call you and give you advice and even quote a fee. So if you need a court calendar IMHO the easier choice is


Click the button below to go to our NC Courts data search page.