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If you’re an attorney in North Carolina and you’re looking to do some real direct mail marketing and you’re looking for a good, inexpensive online court records search system, then look no further! is very proud of the cool UI we’ve built that allows NC lawyers to pull brand new, fresh, address-corrected direct mail leads right on the site! At any given time we have roughly 750,000 names with corrected addresses for all the new cases that have been filed in NC criminal and traffic court. It’s super easy to use, and unlike some other providers out there, you can actually get right on our servers and sift the information yourself.


You can run an unlimited number of ad-hoc searches by:

  • filing date range
  • court date range
  • county or counties
  • offense code category, or specific offense codes and descriptions/keywords
  • defendant demographic data such as first name, last name, zip code, city, sex, race, and age range
  • whether the defendent lives in state or out of state
  • filter to view only records with multiple offenses or a single offense
  • view both deliverable and also the undeliverable records


You can also:

  • Print pre-formatted Avery 5160 labels
  • Download an Excel or txt file for mail merge purposes
  • Map the location of the defendants right on a Bing map
  • Automate all of this and receive labels and/or Excel/txt files each morning in your email inbox by 7am
  • Change your search criteria as often as you’d like without having to call anyone to do it for you (although you can do that too)


No one else gives you so many options! You can really hone in on precisely the type of cases you want and who you want to represent! Want to do a quick and easy brochure mailer? Just click one button and the records instantly turn into a .pdf for Avery 5160 labels. Peel. Stick. Done! You’re a mail merger? Cool! Just select that option and the records are shown to you in a spreadsheet format, ready to go for all your mail merge needs! Lots of practices have been built and are thriving on the power of direct mail. Here at we make it super easy!


And make sure you check our prices too:   Simple low pricing per county, flat monthly rates, discounts for annual plans, and no hidden fees or extra charges for things like infractions etc.  Guaranteed the best in the biz!  Our system is new, using modern technologies, and it gets better every single month.  All of this, plus the only company providing data that can also provide you with inbound leads for free.   So far, over 1,000 people (and counting) have uploaded their tickets into our system in search for a lawyer to help them.  Who else around here can do that for you???  A slick UI, understandable and fair flat pricing, free inbound leads, and more?


Want to take a peek, without even giving us your email address?  Click the button below to give it a whirl.