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Everything is online now

One of the fabulous things about the internet is that you can get all the information you need in most cases just by doing simple Google queries. Now it doesn’t always pop up the best information right away; you may have to dig a little. But the truth of the matter is that it beats the hell out of the “old” way to do stuff (like get off your ass and get in the car or start making phone calls, etc). Take NC Courts for example. If you need information about a court date or a court calendar or a missed court date, all you have to do is search and BOOM there it is. Now you could go to the AOC website but really, in my opinion, the NC Court data they have there is not in the most accessible format. That’s one of the reasons we built, to make it easier to find your court date, and then if you so choose, to also easily find legal representation for your case. Say you got a ticket and then you forgot to go to court. If your court date passed, the AOC site won’t show your missed court date., however, keeps this data on the server for 6 months. So even like half a year later you can find your case on our site and get the process started to find a lawyer and get a new court date. Hey man, we make it EASY!


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