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Hi there! Are you searching to find a North Carolina court date or a criminal or traffic charge by doing a Google search for “NC Courts Calendar”, perhaps? You know most of the searches for NC Courts Calendar wind up at the AOC (North Carolina Administrative office of the Courts) which is not so bad. This is the state agency that maintains data for all the North Carolina Court system.
When you do your search for NC Courts Calendar if you have NCAOC as an option, you should definitely check it out. It’s free and the info is really extensive. Civil calendars as well as criminal calendars are there too. In case you need, they’re available for district and superior court as well.
However: for most folks it’s really waaaaay too much info. At we have done a lot to make looking for your court date even easier. Try it now for free. Go here and you can plug in your citation number or your name and you will be taken to a page showing you exactly what your charge is, what the court date is etc (assuming it’s a recent case that’s happened in the past six months). If you think you want a lawyer to help you with your case, no sweat. Just find it in the system and click one little button. Lawyers see it, you get calls. Done and done. Hire who you want or just ask questions. It’s all good. Lots better (and easier) than just doing a search for NC Courts Calendar IMHO. Hope this helps! Merry Christmas!