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Lost your speeding ticket? Not a big deal…really

Don’t sweat it too very much if you lost your speeding ticket or traffic citation and need to know when your court date is when you go looking for a traffic ticket lawyer in Raleigh. The Wake County court calendar is available online at the NC Administrative Office of the Court’s (AOC) website. You’ll have to poke around a bit but it is there. Now if you’re a bit nervous about a missed court date and you’re looking for a traffic ticket lawyer or speeding ticket lawyer, it’s going to be important to be able to tell the lawyer some stuff about your case to find your court case and then be able to set it for a new date. You want to be able to tell your Wake County traffic ticket lawyer basic info about your case, like the traffic citation number and the missed court date and the actual traffic charges that the cop gave you.


Court date already passed, and you forgot about it?

Now if you lost your ticket you can try and get all this information from the North Carolina AOC’s site, but the problem with that is that the information is not easy to find after the date is passed. So if you need to get a traffic ticket lawyer pronto on your missed court date case you might want to consider other options.


We built a site called about two years ago that allows folks to locate their traffic citation or other case even after the court date has passed just by searching for the name of the person who got the traffic ticket. And, what’s better, we keep that data on our site for six months after a missed court date. This system is ideal for folks who want to locate a traffic ticket lawyer in Raleigh or Charlotte, or anywhere you need a traffic ticket lawyer in NC really, because you just hit one button after you locate your case and the case posts to the site automatically. All your info that the AOC already has is then posted to the site so lawyers can see it and call you, give advice, and quote a fee. It’s really super easy to find a traffic lawyer this way.


Just think: this is the same way you shop for hotel rooms now, right (Expedia, Travelocity). You post what you need and then get to pick from a number of options. Real time saver.